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Protocols for the Equitable Assessment of Marine Energy Converters

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One of a suite of protocols for the equitable evaluation of marine energy converters (based on either tidal or wave energy). These protocols have harmonised testing and evaluation procedures across the wide variety of devices presently available with the aim of accelerating adoption though technology matching and improved understanding of the environmental and economic impacts associated with the deployment of arrays of devices. The series of protocols has been developed through a robust, auditable process and disseminated to the wider community. Results from the EquiMar project will establish a sound base for future marine energy standards. The project had a formal liaison with IEC TC 114 and many of the protocol authors are technical experts on the teams developing individual standards. The article was identified by Tethys. For more information visit their website at http://tethys.pnnl.gov/knowledge-base


David Ingram (Ed), The Institute for Energy Systems, School of Engineering, University of Edinburgh, George Smith (Ed), Claudio Bittencourt-Ferreira (Ed), Helen Smith (Ed), European Commission


The Institute for Energy Systems 2011

International Reference

ISBN 978-0-9508920-3-0

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analysis / testing / R&D, economics, array, environment, EquiMar, modelling, organisation, resource, wave, tank, testing, Document

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