Offshore Ocean Wave Energy: A Summer 2009 Technology and Market Assessment Update


A summary report for the Oregon Wave Energy Trust discussing:
1. US Wave Energy 2009 Highlights

2. Worldwide Wave Energy 2009 Highlights

3. Wave Energy resources

4. Wave Energy Conversion Technology Description

5. Design, Performance, Cost and Economic Feasibility Studies

6. Installed Capacity and Estimated Growth

7. R & D needs

Acknowledgement: The article was identified by Tethys. For more information visit their website at

Originator Orkney Islands Council
Access WTKN
Date 01/12/2009
Country United Kingdom
Keywords analysis, testing, R&D, data, flow, energy, socio economic, economics, investment, guidance, industry, Document, resource, wave energy converter (WEC), governance, technology, component, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), organisation
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