The GESMEY Project. Design and Development of a Second Generation TEC


The paper shows the results of the GESMEY Project that includes the conceptual design and the development of a new type of Tidal Energy Converter (TEC) with the capability of harnessing energy from currents in waters deeper than forty meters. Inside it is described the objectives, development methodology and the main concepts of GESMEY TEC as are, the device conceptual definition, its structural shape, the description of the power take-off elements and of the hydrodynamic rotor that the device has. And it also shows the way that the GESMEY TEC has to get the right operation depth by means of the equilibrium between hydrodynamics forces and can do the emersion and immersion procedures by itself only using its internal ballast system. GESMEY hasn’t fixed foundations on the sea bed and is in position on the right place for generation and also for maintenance through a simple and cheap mooring system that only needs, ropes, buoys and anchors. Everything is shown and also the mooring and the behaviour during the installation, maintenance and decommissioning manoeuvres.

Originator The International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICEA) Annual Science Conference series
Copyright European Wave and Tidal Energy Conference
Access WTKN
Date 01/09/2011
Country Spain
Keywords engineering, turbine, tidal, design, performance, efficiency, analysis, testing, R&D, energy, Document, decommissioning, project development, current, ballast, buoy, mooring, anchor, rotor, power take-off
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