Proposed Internationalisation of the UKERC Ocean (Wave and Tidal Current) Renewable Energy Technology Roadmap


This paper provides an overview of the UKERC technology roadmap and its proposed internationalization. It describes a route for mobilizing the wave and tidal energy community down a deployment pathway towards targets in 2020. The roadmap is aimed at providing a focused and coherent approach to technology development in the ocean energy sector, whilst taking into account the needs of other stakeholders. The successful implementation of the technology roadmap depends upon a number of complex interactions between commercial, political and technical aspects. Although this roadmap is technically focused it also considers policy, environmental and commercialization aspects of the ocean energy sector, in order to display and put in context the influences of these externalities.

Originator UK Trade & Investment
Copyright European Wave and Tidal Energy Conference
Access WTKN
Date 01/09/2009
Country Europe
Keywords Document, project development, wave, tidal, resource, methodology, governance
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