2010 Zone 9 Celtic Array MMT Geophysical Bathymetry Environmental Survey_Chirp


This investigation was conducted by Marin Mätteknik AB (MMT) for the Centrica round 3 Irish Sea – Zone 9 offshore wind farm development using M/V Franklin and M/V Triad. Included are the .sgy files collected by the sub bottom profiler (Chirp) of the shallow geology data. These files have been grouped into segments for optimal data processing. Please note after reorganisation of the segments to improve efficiency, block E was not included in the main line file names convention, only in the cross line file names convention used for sparker data.

Originator Zone 9 - Celtic Array
Access MDE
Date 26/04/2013
Keywords Bathymetry and seafloor topography, Seabed survey navigation and positioning, Consenting, Pre-construction engineering, Zone search area, Chirp, Dataset
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