2013, Amec, Islay Offshore Wind Farm, Marine Mammals – Baseline Report


In addition to the site-specific boat-based surveys undertaken at the proposed Islay site, this baseline hasbeen supported by a data-gathering exercise and extensive literature review. Additional data has been
obtained from Islay Natural History Trust, the Shark Trust?s Basking Shark Project, and the Scottish Marine
Animal Strandings Scheme, in support of the boat-based data. The report also draws on a desk-based
review of the marine mammal populations of the west coast of Scotland, produced for SSE Renewables in
2010 by the Sea Mammal Research Unit (SMRU, 2010). Extensive consultation has been undertaken with
key stakeholders and organisations in the local, regional and national areas.

This also includes BASKING SHARK accounts.

Originator Invest Northern Ireland
Access MDE
Date 28/03/2013
Keywords Cetacean abundance, Seal abundance, Fish abundance in water bodies, Offshore area of search, Consenting, Report
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