2011, Brown and May Marine Ltd, Zone 3 Dogger Bank Tranche A and Proposed Cable Route, Adult and Juvenile Fish Characterisation Survey, GIS Data


The Tranche A Otter and Beam Trawl series details the findings of the summer 2011 adult and juvenile fish characterisation survey, undertaken in the area of Tranche A of the Dogger Bank offshore wind farm and along the proposed cable route between the 17th and 27th August. Inshore juvenile fish sampling was undertaken by Precision Marine Survey Ltd (PMSL) on 17th September 2011; sampling included stations BT53, BT54 and BT55 along cable route.The survey methodology, vessel and sampling gear detailed were agreed in consultation with Cefas and the Marine Management Organisation (MMO). A dispensation from the MMO for the Provisions of Council Regulation 850/98 to catch and retain undersize fish for scientific research and 43/2009 specifically related to days at sea was obtained prior to commencement of this survey. A summary of the health and safety performance of the survey is provided in Appendix 1.
The aim of the survey was to establish the abundance and composition of adult and juvenile fish species within the area of the Dogger Bank. It should be noted that P. platessa, sandeel (Ammodytidae sp.), G. morhua, M. merlangus and C. harengus have been defined as species of importance in the area.
It should be noted that all trawls at stations 53, 54 and 55 along the cable route were omitted from the otter trawl survey due to the presence of a high density of static gear in the area. The beam trawl at station 53 was abandoned during the inshore survey after the beam trawl was irreparably damaged. The beam trawls at stations 54 and 55 were included in the inshore survey undertaken by Precision Marine Surveys Ltd., as a smaller vessel was considered more appropriate to trawl the in area, due to the high density of static gear. These trawls however will be analysed as cable route stations, due to their original inclusion in the offshore survey, and their location within the cable corridor.
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Originator Zone 7 - Navitus Bay
Access MDE
Date 18/07/2012
Keywords Fish, Fish behaviour, Feasibility, Consenting, Zone search area, beam trawls, Dataset
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