2011, Project Management Support Services Ltd. (PMSS), Skerries Tidal Site, Environmental Statement, Volume 2 Environmental Statement


SeaGeneration (Wales) Ltd (SeaGen Wales), a partnership of Marine Current Turbines Ltd (MCT) and RWE npower Renewables (RWE nrl), is submitting an application for the offshore consents necessary to construct and operate a 10 megawatt (MW) rated capacity demonstration array of tidal stream turbines. The Skerries Tidal Stream Array, hereafter referred to as the Project, is to be situated 850m off the north coast of Anglesey in a tidal race area known as the Skerries.
The Environmental Statement (ES) presents the findings of the detailed Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) that has been carried out for the Project. The assessment work has covered all of the potential impacts of the Project on the surrounding environment and has been carried out by a team of leading environmental specialists. Planning permission for the onshore aspects of the development will be sought at a later date from the Isle of Anglesey County Council and therefore the outline details only of these aspects are included within the Environmental Statement.

Originator Skerries
Access MDE
Date 23/02/2011
Keywords Consenting, Agreement for Lease Area, Marine Sediments, Offshore Cable Corridor, Benthic Habitat, Biota abundance, biomass and diversity, Biota composition, Birds, mammals and reptiles, Fisheries, Fish, Field geophysics, Currents, Human activity, Habitat, Report
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