2013, Osiris Projects, Skerries Tidal Array, Geophysical Survey_Borehole Locations


On the instructions of Sea Generation (Kyle Rhea) Ltd, Osiris Projects werecommissioned to undertake a geophysical survey covering the proposed Kyle Rhea
current turbine development site. The survey was undertaken using Osiris Projects own dedicated survey vessel, MV So
Fyne during the period 4th May to 8th May 2010. High-resolution side scan sonar, swath multi-beam, single beam bathymetry,
magnetometer and sub bottom profiler data were acquired along all survey lines, in order
to accurately map the seabed within the survey area. This package contains images of the borehole positions overlying the geophysical survey outputs, along with a description of seabed characteristics in the area. N.B. The borehole survey was conducted subsequent to the geophysical survey and the associated borehole reports and data are not present in this series.

Originator South West Regional Development Agency (SWRDA)
Access MDE
Date 24/06/2014
Keywords Renewable Energy Lease Area, Bathymetry and Elevation, Pre-construction engineering, Borehole, Geotechnics, Marine Geology, Marine Sediments, Seabed survey geological feature, Bedrock, Seafloor topography, Report
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