2014, Natural Research Projects Limited NRP, Skerries Tidal Site, Pre-Installation Seabird Pilot Study


It was agreed by the Skerries Science Group in February 2014 that the initial phase of the pre-installation monitoring would be to undertake a 4-month vantage point pilot survey to trial survey methods for pre-installation bird surveys to understand if the VP methodology can acquire appropriate data
This technical report presents the results of the 4-month ornithological pre-installation pilot study undertaken by Natural Research (Projects) Ltd ( NRP) in the 2014 seabird breeding season (mid-April to mid-August 2014). NRP was asked to undertake this study because of it recognised expertise and experience in ornithological impact assessment and associated surveys for wet renewable (tide and wave) energy developments

Originator Streamlining of Ocean Wave Farms Impact Assessment (SOWFIA)
Access MDE
Date 01/11/2014
Keywords Renewable Energy Lease area, Pre-Construction monitoring, Bird counts, Bird taxonomy-related abundance per unit area of surface, Bird behaviour, Marine Birds, Series
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