2010 – 2012, Natural Research Projects Limited, Lewis Wave Array, Baseline Bird Surveys – Data


Two years of baseline survey work have been undertaken to further inform Lewis Wave Power’s proposed wave power development in north-west Lewis. The April-July period broadly coincides with the breeding season of seabirds. This survey particularly covers diver species during the breeding season, surface-diving seabird species, marine mammals and basking sharks. The other species in addition to the divers were not identified on the basis of the first year’s baseline survey results to be of particular concern to the proposed development, but it is nevertheless useful to confirm this wit the 2 year data.

Originator Kyle Rhea
Access MDE
Date 01/08/2012
Keywords Renewable Energy Lease area, Pre-Construction monitoring, Bird behaviour, Bird taxonomy-related abundance per unit area of surface, Fish taxonomy-related counts, Cetacean abundance, Seal abundance, Dataset
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