2010 – 2011, Natural Research Projects Limited, Lewis Wave Array, Baseline Bird Surveys – Year 1 Reports


To date a full year of monthly baseline survey data (September 2010 to September 2011) have been collected and analysed by Natural Research Projects Ltd (Jackson and Hulka 2011: Lewis Wave Array Year 1 Bird Surveys Technical Report). These surveys cover the areas identified by Lewis Wave Power for possible wave power development, namely the stretches of coastline located at Siadar/Mealabost and Labost in NW Lewis.
This report package contains the provisional conclusions of the year 1 survey where the main conclusions are summaries, and the tecnnical report for the year 1 survey.

Originator Kyle Rhea
Access MDE
Date 19/12/2011
Keywords Bird behaviour, Bird taxonomy-related counts, Fish, Cetacean abundance, Seal abundance, Renewable Energy Lease area, Consenting, Report
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