2014, ABPmer, UK Wave and Tidal Further Leasing Plan HRA, Principles, Screening and Appropriate Assessment Information Reports


In May 2013, The Crown Estate announced plans to invite applicants to run a series of managed ‘demonstration zones’ for wave and tidal stream energy proiects across the UK. The locations of these demonstration zones were identified by The Crown Estate with input from a range of stakeholders. Organisations were also able to apply to The Crown Estate for seabed rights for additional ‘project sites’ in other areas as part of the leasing process.
The locations of the demonstration zones were defined and finalised in mid-September 2013 At that point a further leasing process was launched, enabling organisations to apply to The Crown Estate for third party management of these demonstration zones and/or propose individual development projects.

ABP Marine Environmental Research Ltd (ABPmer) was commissioned by The Crown Estate to undertake the Habitats Reguiations Appraisal (HRA) of this Wave and Tidal Further Leasing (W&TL) plan on behalf of The Crown Estate. This HRA is required in order to assess the effects of the plan on protected nature conservation sites (European/Ramsar sites) and this ‘Principles Document’ is the first in series of three reports that ABPmer has prepared for this assessment process. This document sets out the methods that are to be applied for the HRA work.

Originator West of Duddon Sands
Access MDE
Date 11/04/2014
Keywords Habitat, Offshore area of search, Feasibility, Report
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