South West Regional Development Agency, Offshore Renewables Resource Assessment and Development Project – Technical Report


A broad scale, strategic assessment of the South West of England’s potential to support the development of offshore renewable energy projects up to and beyond 2030. A geospatial and expert analysis of resources and constraints (including environmental, limitations of electricity transmission network and demands from other sea users) is used to provide development scenarios providing an estimate of potential capacity for marine renewables within the South West of England from 2010 to 2030. The economic benefits such projects could deliver to the region are considered and recommendations are made to assist in the future delivery of marine renewable energy projects in the region.

Originator South West Regional Development Agency (SWRDA)
Copyright Project Management Support Services Limited
Access WTKN
Date 01/10/2010
Country United Kingdom
Keywords economics, wind, wave, tidal, resource, farm name, development site, Wave Hub, environment, Document
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