Bristol City Region: Gateway for ocean energy technology


With some of the world’s most significant marine resources on our doorstep, and a long history of innovation and engineering excellence, it is natural that Bristol and the South West will play a key role in developing and supporting the offshore energy sector.
Bristol is home to a number of world-leading marine energy technology developers, academic institutions and companies who are at the forefront of this emerging sector. As a hub for technology development, with a strong advanced engineering, financial and professional service sectors, Bristol has become a natural meeting point for innovators and investors. It is therefore well placed to act as a ‘gateway’ to commercialise new technology enabling the fledgling marine energy sector to grow into a global industry.

Originator Blyth Demonstration Site
Access WTKN
Date 13/05/2013
Country United Kingdom
Keywords economics, investment, resource, wave, wind, governance, industry, analysis, testing, R&D, technology, component, Document
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